January 18, 2018


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With an age appropriate blend of social, academic, and play based learning, this program will be your child’s first steps into organized education and a Kindergarten setting! Pre-Kindergarten focuses on creating an exciting community where a child’s natural curiosity and eagerness to learn are encouraged through organized activities and purposeful play. A program for children 3 years of age, Pre-Kindergarten aims to advance early literacy, creative expression, physical skills, mathematics, and so much more!

A fun learning environment that works closely with the Alberta Kindergarten curriculum, this program will build on important fundamentals like literacy, mathematics, identity, and personal/social responsibility! Junior Kindergarten is a social, academic, play based learning program for children 4 years of age. Junior Kindergarten is a place to interact, imagine, experiment and explore new skills while practicing abilities that have already been learned!

Learning the Recorder

Junior Kindergarten


Apple Tree Preschool partners with TRAIL Kids, an Early Childhood Services (ECS) Provider. TRAIL Kids offers a full range of support and services to young children and their families.

TRAIL Kids has been approved by Alberta Education to provide the following services:

  • Program Unit Funding* (PUF) for children 2 years, 6months of Individualized Program Plans (IPP) prepared with a variety of programming options for families of eligible children with severe delays.    
  • Program support for young children ages 3 ½-6 years who meet criteria for Mild/Moderate funding for Alberta Education*
  • Program support for English as a Second Language
  • Preschool screening

*All programming meets the Standards for the Provision of Early Childhood Special Education and The Kindergarten Program Statement.

Apple Tree is thrilled to offer free ESL support to eligible children that are new to Canada or who are learning English as their second language! 

In this program, children will be assigned an assistant who will work with them in small groups while at preschool. Children will also receive support from the classroom teacher and program coordinator. Session notes are used to document progress and program participation. 

English as a Second Language